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Wayne is a patent attorney and, well, that's alright with all of us here in the RedRoom, mainly because he has an impressive array of axes.

We welcome all comers with a weakness for the mythic goddess of the moon, Selene* (Luna in Rome).

Wayne weighs in with a great tonal guitar exploration. Unless he gives me a title, I am going to name his songs after patent law firms or nocturnal animals.

Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin & Kahn is a Carlos-esque screamer; very nice. BT Blues makes me want to don my trenchcoat, skulk around the feral side of town and find the bastard who stole my favorite wingtips. Or something like that.

Take a listen to "Poaching Annies". Great fun, too. Nice melodic excursion created whilst Morgan lip-synched to the "mike-o-foam".

Go Here for More from Wayne on Speakering:

Homeric Hymn to Selene

"Muses, sweet-speaking daughters of Zeus Kronides
and mistresses of song, sing next of long-winged Moon!
From her immortal head a heaven-sent glow
envelops the earth and great beauty arises
under its radiance. From her golden crown the dim air
is made to glitter as her rays turn night to noon,
whenever bright Selene, having bathed her beautiful skin
in the Ocean, put on her shining rainment
and harnessed her proud-necked and glittering steeds,
swiftly drives them on as their manes play
with the evening, dividing the months. Her great orbit is full
and as she waxes a most brilliant light appears
in the sky. Thus to mortals she is a sign and a token." 
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